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Lindberg Company uses a normal job-order costing system

Lindberg Company uses a normal job-order costing system
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Lindberg Company uses a normal job-order costing system. There are two departments, Assembly and Finishing, through which most jobs pass. Selected budgeted and actual data for the past year follow: Assembly Finishing Budgeted overhead $330,000 $ 1,000,000 Actual Overhead 110,000 520,000 Expected Activity (direct labor hours) 150,000 25,000 Expected machine hours 25,000 125,000 During the year, several jobs were completed. Data pertaining to one such job, Job 330, follow: Direct Materials $730,000 Direct labor cost: Assembly (5,000 hours@ $12 per hr.) $60,000 Finishing (400 hours@$12 per hr.) $4,800 Machine hours used Assembly 100 Finishing 1,200 Units produced 10,000 Lindberg Company uses a plantwide predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor hours(DLH) to assign overhead to jobs. Required: a) Compute the predetermined overhead rate b) Using the predetermined rate, compute the per unit manufacturing cost for Job 330. c) Recalculate the unit manufacturing cost for job 330 using departmental overhead rates. Use Direct labor hours for Assembly and machine hours for Finishing. NOTE: This question is NOT our property; we are only suggesting solution of this question.

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