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Ashford SOC 305 Week 4 Quiz

Ashford SOC 305 Week 4 Quiz
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Ashford SOC 305 Week 4 Quiz


1. Question : All of the following are correlates with child abuse except ____________.

2. Question : Sally pays her utility bill using someone else’s credit information. What is the best description of her activity?

3. Question : Which of the following is true about parent abuse?

4. Question : Interpersonal crimes are often unreported or underreported. Which of the following is the least likely reason for this?

5. Question : Peter steals from his neighbors’ garage even though he does not need the items he steals. His behavior is most likely an indication that ____________.

6. Question : The Conners’ house is burgled on July 4th weekend, which they usually spend at their summer cottage. Which victimization theory would best apply to this situation?

7. Question : The famous Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, where seven mobsters were gunned down in a Chicago warehouse, is an example of __________ murder.

8. Question : According to the National Counter-Terrorism Center, which continent experiences the most terrorist attacks?

9. Question : What is a main criticism of the victim precipitation theory?

10. Question : What attribute would the author likely assign to most robberies?

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